“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”



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Parent Participation Programme

 “We know that parents are the center of their child’s world so that’s why we encourage our parents to take an active part in their child’s learning journey outside the classroom.”

The Most Important and Influential People

Parents remain the most important and influential people in their children’s lives, and we encourage them to be an active part of their child’s learning journey, both inside and outside the classroom.

When a new student is welcomed to the school, we welcome the whole family as well. There are many ways we engage with families to make sure everyone feels right at home with our community.

Events and Parenting Workshops:

Events and workshops at Oasis are a wonderful way to further engage with your child’s education while simultaneously getting acquainted with other members of the community. Social events help parents to become acquainted with one another and to begin what often become life-long friendships.

Parents are welcomed to campus for a number of community building events throughout the year including Annual Sports Day , Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Diwali Fest and School’s Annual Mega Show Case . A number of student-centered events and activities are open to parents throughout the year, including art and theater shows, and musical performances to name a few.

Parent Workshops are another vehicle for parents to engage in their child’s learning journey. These workshops are hosted by School’s own faculty as well as Parenting experts and cover a wide range of popular parenting topics:

  • Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Child.
  • How to engage your child in reading.
  • How to develop a love of math at a young age.
  • Creating a Safe, Interesting Environment.
  • Having a Positive Learning Environment.
  • Using Assertive Discipline.
  • Having Realistic Expectations.
  • Taking Care of Yourself as a Parent.
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